tiny filaments

by The Gomorrans

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The third, shortest, and best album by the Gomorrans, tiny filaments tells a story of hope in the face of the limitless looming hopelessness we've all grown accustomed to.


released May 30, 2014

Composed and Produced by Ryan Beebe
Mixed by Tim Green at Louder Studios
Ryan BB - voice, strings, keyboards, percussion
Luke Kirley - tuba, tambourine
Scott Knippelmeir - trombone, voice
Jaromy Russo - trumpet, voice
Tom Lehnartz - clarinet, voice
Dillon Westbrook - drums
Charles Gurke - baritone sax, percussion



all rights reserved


The Gomorrans Oakland, California

Catharsis is a religious experience. Sin is universal. The Gomorrans seek to blend the two into a transcendent soul happening. Seeing the them is like smoking a $50 cigar that's sealed with the sweat from a Cuban woman's inner thigh, or freebasing powdered absinthe: you'll never be quite the same person. You'll know something the others don't. The Gomorrans tarnish your soul, but in a good way. ... more

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Track Name: Capable
Well I could leave
I'd just walk and walk and never come back
Got to believe nobody's working on these heart attack so hard
It's got to be something in our lifestyle
the cholesterol and sodium
I bypass my heart completely
cuz I know what I'm capable of

Try to be sweet
Sugar baby got to give me some
such a relief when you let it slip into your blood
a new form of medication we all felt so deprived of
hear em crying crying for mercy baby
cuz i know what I'm capable of

Get tired you get upset
know you just going to say one time
cuz I know that lonely feeling
you know I've got mine

Break things we make a mess
we're acting smart we're asinine
cuz I'd know that lonely feeling baby
when you were mine

cuz I could be
the little filament in your darkest room
you follow me
your hands conduct resist the shocks the nerves always consume
rubbing all along your gum line
the pins and needles slightly numb
I might close my eyes completely
cuz I can't be afraid of your love
I can't be afraid of your love
Track Name: Everything You
Now In every heart there's a tiny filament
maybe it's something that you haven't quite discovered yet
it's just an incandescent arc that warms our blood through summer days
but wires can burn and wires can snap and winter's always on its way
So now our angels thought to find a way
to make our supernovas not so strained
they say "build a light bulb for every star up in the galaxy
so all our heavens can look down upon
everything you used to mean to me"

so no one hunts in neon lights these days
you never know when you'll become the pray
I been trying to find the ways to skin a wolf most delicately
the incisions aren't my finest baby
but I'm trying so hard you know
I mean it's not a simple surgery.
Maybe it only works if you believe...
It's just a call to prayer
the lights and sirens they'll ostentatiously
let us bow our heads together baby
to everything you used to mean to me

said don't believe
they say don't believe

We bought the stores all out of christmas lights
so somewhere that nebula it's still shining bright
the copper strands will stretch along from star to star so easily
that maybe you can just look up there and see now
everything you used to mean to me.
Track Name: Dougnut Shop
She used to always be my favorite at the doughnut shop,
all those pink little cups of coffee.
So who cares if you can't keep a job
we're making it alright someday okay
Cuz sometimes I just didn't know what to say
maybe we just need a little vacation baby
a little spray tan with that fairness cream
been living on diet pills and doughnut dreams

So cut the brakes now we're running
you know it's only a smile
and we'll be hypnotized

Cuz we used to drive together everywhere
we sip a little Andre from the bottle now
she used to always love the extra dry
I get a little nervous if the cops roll by
unless we're lost in all those anthropomorphic daydreams
I'm in our den of foxes baby
I'm like the little bird who couldn't fly anywhere
just drive one more time cross town

Soldier boy seemed so cunning
but now his last bate cry
ends up so civilized

keep smiling keep smiling

cuz I'm always trying to stay between the lines
still I been known to bend up a few fenders baby
never think the wheels are coming off
when you feel so good so good so good inside

And we're running
you know it's only a smile baby
and we're so hypnotized
Track Name: Waiting
It was a secret kind of kiss
but I'd assumed that everybody would know
Though we were cut from the same cloth now she's always walking rounding other people's clothes
with a new tattoo on her lower back
it says "I can't see you cuz I don't look back"
My three-piece suit in my single bed
I know I'm still just her invisible fool

Somehow I'd think that things might change
Somehow I thought I'd think I'd know
But I've been waiting
such a long long time

Now don't it seem like years we been chasing
the electricity of the night
I'd always need everything going wrong
just so that anything can feel alright
So I suppose I should know it's true that
she's looking just the same way at you
We're all giving compliments between the sheets just so no one has to turn on the lights

And if you think that things might change
Cuz no one ever wants to know
and I've been waiting
such a long long time

Felt it taking hold tonight
and she's keeping her lips sealed tight
she might be taking hold tonight oh no

Our worthless hearts pretend they might
shine through the curtain of visible light
my worthless heart pretends it might oh no