Giving Birth to Love

by The Gomorrans

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released December 31, 2009

The Gomorrans are:
Luke Kirley - tuba
Scott Knippelmeir - trombone, voice
Reid Davis - trumpet, voice
Tom Lehnartz - clarinet, voice
Dillon Westbrook - drums
Ryan BB - voice, strings, keyboards, miscellaneous

Rob Reich - Piano on Pitch Black and Devotee
Ty Otis - Conga on Velveteen
Chris Larson - Baritone Sax on Velveteen



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The Gomorrans Oakland, California

Catharsis is a religious experience. Sin is universal. The Gomorrans seek to blend the two into a transcendent soul happening. Seeing the them is like smoking a $50 cigar that's sealed with the sweat from a Cuban woman's inner thigh, or freebasing powdered absinthe: you'll never be quite the same person. You'll know something the others don't. The Gomorrans tarnish your soul, but in a good way. ... more

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Track Name: Velveteen
The sun us coming. Run and hide.
You've got to pull your shutters, draw your blinds
Hey man, hey listen I could use a ride, you know that I can't stay here.

Got to shake those bones, you've got to ring that bell
you got to baby you know
take this sack of magic beans and dream yourself a little dream
The whole world smells like gasoline
but you'll get used to it babe. It's not as bad as it seems.
So the angels work on our machines.
Don't mix that lysol with chlorine
You got to edit, splice, and cut the scene
You got to squeeze into those tight blue jeans

The ocean's deep, the ocean's wide.
The moon is pulling back the tide.
Maybe I felt a little dark inside, but I never tried to be insincere

You've got to stomp the muddy earth until it bleeds

It's some kind of amphetamine
that makes your skin feel vaguely unclean
You got to dive me off in a limousine while we fill our blood up with nicotine
Because the're no antidote and there's not vaccine
and no one's ever ever going to intervine.
You've got to squeeze into those tight blue jeans.

But baby if I should slip and fall
you know where I keep the demerol
so light me up one more menthol if it's just a party after all
Track Name: Devotee
Sometimes the shakes can overtake my body
Sometimes I feel like such a bad man
I didn't mind all the ugly things that she was saying
When she's putting on that smile so graciously

Please could you help me out with a little money
Please tell me what's that you're holding in your hand
I believe that somebody might be dying
and all these little things you'll never understand
Never Never

I got held up at the station
No I took the wrong color pills
missing that clean and sober feeling
I was alone. I took a ride. I didn't know you. I didn't know you then

But I see
How it's gonna be
I'm gonna be your devotee
and I'm pulling off that smile
so unceremoniously

so how many times is she gonna have to call Bobby
and how many times am I gonna have to wash my hands
Those satellites are up there everywhere watching.
Just circling me all the time
All the things I do
All the things I did
And I feel them up there. I feel

The feverish anticipation
The seconds stretch until they break
Arrythmic atrial fribulations
and that mumble deep down in my chest, it can't be heard. it can't be decifered.

Still it's gonna see
How it's gonna be
Can I be your detainee
Let me be your detainee
and you're putting on that smile so graciously.
Track Name: The Great Flood
When man began he didn't praise no god. So God destroyed them.
The sky is rain.
One day or two days, everyday it'll rain.

Flood came high.
Rising and rising, the flood came high.
It was a long time ago, before they knew how to rhyme.
There was only one boat.

What a glorious feeling. I'm happy again.
Track Name: Pitch Black in the Morning
Up in my apartment I was feeling so depressed
I let that sticky bourbon moonlight stain your clean white dress
Never used to do my homework. I always cheated on the test
Sometimes a little baby boy's just got to make a mess

So I had that scratched up record. It was skipping all night.
Saying "You're such a, such a , such a, such a, such a, such a sight"
Now things could be so real. I'm not just trying to be polite
You know nobody cares that much about a little cellulite

Pitch black in the morning if the sun shines through
it could be you

Sometime I swear it's like I'm Cain and you're Able to see
this little burning mark of all my jealous jealousy
We could be rolling our hips baby we could be curling back our toes
I know they'll say that it's a secret but everybody knows

So you stormed out of that alley.
I know you blew right through that stop sign.
Of course it's hard to dodge the bullets when you're drinking all the time
The boys in blue were running their little dirty pantomime
I hear the sirens calling your name babe
Now I hope they don't know mine

Pitch black in the morning if the sun shines through
I can't control myself
No no not with you
Track Name: The Only One
Well lately I don't worry, I don't stutter I don't stammer
These days it seems to me that nothing really matters
I know they'll always be more fish in the sea
But baby, you're the only one for me

So we could run down to the chapel for confession
I'm sure we'd have to list our every indiscretion
Still in the end I'm sure the priest would agree
Baby, you're the only one for me

And it's so hard. I know.

So if you're locks are changed and your landlord's serving you papers
You don't have to panic and start calling you parents for favors
Spend our days just sitting in a tree
Oh baby, you're the only one for me

So just let it go now wipe away that tear
Oh come on honey pass that bottle over here
And we'll sweep away all this shattered debris
Oh baby, you're the only one for me
Track Name: La China de Havana
I'm gonna do it right
Stay up all night
I'm gonna wear all white
I'm gonna find me a woman